Photographer FAQ's

Will I have two photographers for my session?

A second photographer is available upon request.  There is an additional $50 fee for a second photographer for studio, on-location sessions and small events lasting less then 2 hours. For Weddings and other large events there is an additional fee of $200 for a second photographer.  For studio sessions, one will handle the camera, and the other will handle lighting and assist with positioning and scene-setting. For on-location sessions, weddings and other large events, both photographers will shoot according to their differing styles.

Where will my sessions take place?

I will photograph in my studio, located at 1840 Clinton St., Buffalo, NY 14206, or on location. The studio tends to be the popular choice during poor weather and winter months, and provides a fun and comfortable environment for children to be themselves. On-location, I will travel anywhere in Erie and Niagara Counties (other locations considered as well), including but not limited to local parks, beaches, in your home.   Location shoots are done at the location of your choice within a 25 mile radius of the Buffalo area. Anything over 25 miles is .50/mile. 

What does my session fee include?

The non-refundable session fee covers the time investment for your photographer. All portraits purchased are a la carte unless a package is also ordered.

Do you offer retouching on portraits?

YES! Basic retouching is included in all prices. If you wish to have extensive retouching done, this will be done at the rate of $15/hour. 

Can I purchase the digital files from my session?

Yes.  The fee is $250 and disks come with a printing release for personal purposes. This will allow you to take your files anywhere and print them without difficulty.  Smaller sized files for uploading to email, websites, mobile devices, social networking, etc., are included as well.

When will my proofs be ready for viewing?

Photo editing is typically completed within 7-14 days after your session.  Upon completion you will be notified and an appointment to come back to review the photos will be made - Unless other arrangements are made.  Weddings and other large events may take up to 30 days after the event.  If a CD or DVD is purchased in lieu of ordering prints, it will be available within 15 days of accepting proofs.

How many photos can I expect from my session? Why don't I see all photos that were taken?

In general, when you choose a full session you can expect between 25 and 35 photos. Mini-Sessions can expect between 5 and 7 photos. Half Sessions can expect between 15-18 photos. When we are photographing children, the number of photos truly depends on the child and what they will tolerate. Only the best of the best portraits are made available for viewing. We do not showcase anything with closed eyes, bad angles, blurriness, or tests for lighting. All images are available for purchase in color, black and white, and sepia. Some photos are available with black and white with color.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check or money orders in person. Paypal if paying with credit card. Please note, images will not be released until checks have cleared. 

How are photos delivered?

I will deliver in person, or you may pick up in studio. If distance is an issue, photos will be mailed via USPS.

Can I order at a later date?

Yes, I keep all digital files for at least a year after your session, however, the online album that you initially view your images, will expire 60 days after all photos have been uploaded and the link is sent to you.  You will need to schedule a viewing and ordering session with me when you are ready to order.