High School Senior Representative Program

 When summer is nearing its final days and school is about to begin again …. What does this mean to you? Well, if you are a junior or senior in high school it means your final days of high school are just around the corner! You will have so much to think about! 

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Yes, you probably totally forgot all about your senior photos!!! No biggie, Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC. is here to help!!! Most seniors just go with the same ‘ol boring school photos and think nothing of it, don’t be a follower, be the natural born leader you were meant to be!!!!!

So, if you are a junior in high school, you still have a year to go and you are probably not too concerned about this, however, your parents may be. Seniors, on the other hand, should be thinking about this now.

Senior photos are a wonderful way to express who you have become and where you are going, they are also nice for your parents to have to remind them of their long lost child who has now turned into an adult. 

Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC. is currently looking super-fun 2020 & 2021 seniors who want to be part of the Senior Representative Program. We will be looking for 2 or 3 (depending on the size of your school) representatives from each school, preferably one male and one female.

In order to be a senior rep you must:

• Be a senior graduating in 2020 or a junior graduating in 2021

· Like having your photograph taken

· Have a fun sense of personal style

· Live in Erie County

· Agree to promote Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC. to your friends and classmates

· Represent ONLY Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC. and use the images from your session as your senior photos

· Return a photo release signed by you and your parent/guardian

What you get: 

· Your first session is FREE – this is the session where we will take the photos for your senior rep cards, any additional sessions will be offered at a low, discounted rate of $50. (Juniors, if you get at least 5 referrals, you will get your senior session FREE of charge).

· A CD of low-res, watermarked images to be used on your social networking page.

· 30 senior rep cards. Each card will be personalized with your name, your photos and our business information for you to give out to your classmates.

· An opportunity to earn print credits and print discounts for each person you refer to Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC..

You’ll earn referral discounts for each referral you send to Lifetime Memories Photography, LLC.:

• 1-3 Referrals – 10% off print order and $15 print credit

• 3-6 Referrals – 10% off print order and $25 print credit

• 6-10 referrals – 15% off print order and $40 print credit

• 11+ referrals – 20% off print order and DVD of high-res images

All senior reps must agree with the following terms and conditions:

FOR SENIORS: Senior representative sessions must be scheduled and take place before October 15, 2019. 

FOR JUNIORS: Senior representative sessions must be scheduled and take place before March 15, 2020

Rep cards will be given to the reps approximately 2 weeks after the photo is chosen, NO LATER THEN NOVEMBER 1, 2019 FOR SENIORS AND NO LATER THEN APRIL 1, 2020 FOR JUNIORS. When your referrals book a session and pay in full, you will get credit for that referral. When your referrals are booking their session they will receive 10% off of their senior photography session. Be sure to tell your friends they can sign up for the 2020 or 2021 season. Your participation in the program will not only introduce you to fun and fun way to earn incentives toward your session for senior portraits at little or no cost. This program is first come, first serve so be sure to act fast if you’re interested. Please send me an email or call (716) 608-5539 if you’re interested, and we can setup a date and time to meet, go over your ideas for your shoot and schedule the session.