What it is all about:

Well, YOU, of course!!!!!!  I specialize in something that I like to call “The Circle Of Life" SM photography, which is my own personalized way of creating a photographic journey of how your life changes, from the beginning of your life to those precious family moments spent together! I strive to capture the unique personality you and/or each member of your family possesses. I do not typically use "cookie-cutter"posing techniques because I believe this tends to look very unnatural. I capture moments during a photo shoot that you will treasure forever.  


So, you've been there, done that .... which means you are probably here because you are interested in getting more out of your portrait session. You are looking for QUALITY and UNIQUE photography at an AFFORDABLE price. Well, look no further!!!  You have come to the right place!  I offer specialized photo shoots to fit your needs and your budget!   All sessions will have the option to come with prints and/or digital files, customized fit your needs, part of the process is to sit down together and figure it all out!   Prior to your session, we will meet and go over what you are looking for, the location you wish to shoot at, the number of people and groupings that will be involved in the session ... all of this will make for an organized session and will make everything so much easier.    I want this experience to be an enjoyable one; after all, you are investing not only time and money, but faith and trust in me, as a photographer, to capture these moments in time, in which you will have to cherish forever!  

Customized, professional photography is an art; it is not just someone behind a camera pushing a button. I am trained and skilled in the use of a camera; however, my talent does not come from the technical knowledge, but comes from what I see thru my lens, which is what I want YOU to see when I hit those buttons. I am a firm believer in correctly exposing a photograph in the camera, and use editing programs for simple touch-ups and re-sizing an image suitable for printing.

Yes, I do fun editing like selective coloring, high contrast manipulation, making a photo look vintage, etc. and this is of no extra cost to you.   Why do I feel the need to tell you this? The answer to that question is an easy one: “Because it is IMPORTANT!” If you are looking to make an investment in your photos, wouldn't you want to choose someone who doesn't solely rely on an editing program to make your photos beautiful? I will oftentimes look thru the photos on my camera and will turn the camera to my client and say “ooohhh look at how cute this one is.” In my opinion, if you aren't taking well exposed photos in the camera, you cannot get any idea of how that image will look in post production and I, personally, feel that this should be considered in your decision of who to go with for your photos. Almost of all of my full sessions last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half and you will never be asked to choose just ONE photo for your package. I will give you my undivided attention during your session. Creating a collection of amazing photos takes talent. And time. And investment.   

Details on pricing:  

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